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Addikts is a story-driven Action Adventure. Play as the hermit crab, navigating the world of fire with his scorpion friend, levelling up to prove you two are the strongest in the world and are destined to survive a world newly void of water.

The demo ends after the first level when the two get separated, making all future fights that much harder...the characters should be your inspiration while the game itself and its development process can serve as your motivation.

This started out as a game I wanted to play instead of Final Fantasy 7 (15 is the worst FF game ever).
Now it has become the project I've been wanting to make since 2014.

Includes 4 sound tracks, sound effects, characters,  narrative, advanced AI, animations, environment art and real-time combat. Made in Unity with entirely free assets and my own blod, sweat and tears. Links will be included in the credit screen.

If you wanna keep updated, follow me on Twitch or subscribe on YouTube and I'll be here pretty much everyday, or join the discord, I drop a link to it every stream!

I'm currently working on getting rid of all the bugs.


Arrow keys to move

X to attack

Return to Interact

Escape to Pause

M to Flip text colour

Addikts is a peaceful world ruled by animals. Until there's no more water. Determine World War Three with your chosen character, battle for survival with real-time combat and unique powers.
Collect items and manufacture them into new tools
Decorate your natural habitat
Survival of the fittest is pushed to the extreme in this all new Action Adventure
Every addiction has a different future

Vice your future

Install instructions

Itchio web: Download the game, then right-click to extract the zip file. Double click the executable inside

Itchio app: Download and play


Linux.zip 60 MB
Mac.app.zip 62 MB
PC.zip 56 MB

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